Languages offered at TFM include Spanish, Mandarin, French. Additional languages may be added to our program. 

As part of our commitment to introducing global cultures, we offer introductory Spanish to all age levels as part of our curriculum.

​Additional fees apply for advanced language lessons.

Age: 3 years +

Art is offered as an additional programs. Parents may sign up with our vendor ArtsCCCP  for art camps at TFM. Canvas art and introduction to sketching and drawing are part of the art camps.

Additional fees apply.

Age: 4 years +

Dance with Fun Pack is a great way for children to learn rhythm and movement with hip hop and modern dance. Parents sign up directly with Fun Pack and get updates from the dance coach. 

​Additional fees apply.

Age: 3 years+

Yoga is offered daily to all children every morning, by our very own certified yoga teacher. It is a great way to prepare for a day of learning. Children practice asanas and breathing to learn how to focus and calm down. 

Included in our curriculum.

Age 2 years +

Gardening is a much loved program at TFM. Children plant and tend for spring and fall vegetables and plants. They take great pride in harvesting their crop. This also encourages them to try different vegetables and fruits. Our spacious vegetable and butterfly garden provides for year round activities.

Included in curriculum. 

Age: 1 year +

The Foundations Montessori is full member of the American Montessori Society.

Cooking and nutrition are introduced with easy simple recipes by our very own TFM chef. Children get to experience what goes into making a cookie, choose their own pizza toppings, learn how to make spring rolls, etc.

Included in curriculum.

Age: 3 years +

Soccer shots is an excellent program with a focus on character development. Parent sign up directly with this program and get regular updates on progress from the coach. Our large indoor gym allows for classes even on rainy days, avoiding missed lessons.

Additional fees apply.

Age: 3 years +