The Foundations Montessori is full member of the American Montessori Society.

Our infant room is a clean, shoe-free and safe environment. This is a "Watch me Grow" room equipped with live streaming camera access for parents. The environment is calming and created to make a child feel at home. Our teachers take special care in attending to the physical and emotional needs needs of each child. Frequent diaper changes, hugs and cuddles allow the child to build the trust that eliminates the anxiety of being away from parents. We have a "no cry" policy and try to give prompt attention to a crying child. The infant is allowed to determine his own sleep and feeding schedule unless parents request otherwise. Our teachers  are happy to assist the parents with a feeding schedule that can be modified each month as the needs to the infant change.

Young infants sleep in cribs and floor mats are provided to children who have started to crawl so that the child has opportunities for movement and exploration.

Infants 3 months-12 months.

Our teachers provide soothing massages, play nursery rhymes, soothing classical music to stimulate the auditory development. We also have interactive circle time in English and also introduce Spanish to support development of language skills and speaking. Outside time is fun in a 4-seat buggy ride.

As the child becomes ready to transition to the next classroom, we provide opportunities to visit and gradually transition over a 1-2 week period.

​We are happy to see many of our infants grow and move into our older classrooms!

We support breastfeeding and nursing mothers are welcome in the environment, or provided a quiet room.