Please call our front desk at  281-240-0010 to schedule a tour, so we may provide details of our programs 

The Montessori curriculum is designed to successfully complete the Kindergarten curriculum until an age of 6 years. A child may remain in our school and continue learning under the guidance of our certified teachers with smaller groups and personal attention. They then can enter Grade 1 in public school at age 6. Children are well prepared for the school experience and adjust well and perform better than their peer.

Children learn advance subjects in Literature, Grammar, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Geography and Fine Arts in a calm and focused Montessori classroom. Many of our past students qualified for the GT program in school.

Some highlights of our curriculum include :

Detailed study of the Continents and Biomes, learning Grammar in reading and writing, static and dynamic operations in Mathematics including Multiplication and Division, learning about artists and recognizing masterpieces, Learning about heroes, care of environment with recycling etc. 

We  offer the unique combination of our Montessori curriculum and peaceful environment. The public school requirements are met for the kindergarten grade level. The Kindergarten students spend time in the afternoon in our Traditional Pre-K and Kinder classroom, where they are in an environment very similar to a public school classroom. This gives them the best of both worlds thus making the transition to Grade 1 a smooth one.