Pre - K

4.5 years- 5 years

Our Montessori Pre-K classroom is designed to provide opportunities of learning our specially designed advanced Montessori curriculum, which is more advanced than a typical Pre-K program.

This curriculum is also taught  in all our Primary classrooms. Children may remain in their Primary classroom until they are ready to join the Kindergarten room.

The focus of the Montessori Pre-K classroom is to offer in depth lessons, allow children to explore and develop their skills in subject areas such as Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Fine Arts etc.

As this is an accelerated program, a simple assessment is required for a child to enter this classroom. This includes knowledge of beginning all sounds, counting and recognizing numerals till 20. The assessment may be scheduled prior to admission.

We also follow the Texas guidelines for Kindergarten to ensure that our Pre-K students are prepared for Kindergarten in any Texas public school.

Details of these guidelines may be found in the link below: