The Foundations Montessori is full member of the American Montessori Society.

We also follow the Texas guidelines for Kindergarten to ensure that our Pre-K students are prepared for Kindergarten in any Texas public school.

Details of these guidelines may be found in the link below:

Primary & Pre -K

3 years - 5 years 

Children in our Primary and Pre-K classrooms are prepared for a wider academic Montessori curriculum.

Children at age 3 years, must be completely toilet trained and able to care for personal needs.

As they continue to develop and master their skills in Practical life and Sensorial areas, they are now introduced to advanced lessons in Language, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Geography and much more. The lessons in Grace and Courtesy are aimed towards making them kind, caring and considerate citizens of the future. 

This is an important age to begin preparing for school in the near future. 

The sensitive periods for writing, reading begin to emerge at age 3 years. Spatial reasoning and mathematics at age 4 years. 

At this age several extra curricular activities such as Soccer, Dance, Foreign Languages, Art are introduced.

Children may remain in their Primary classroom until they are ready to join the Kindergarten room.