This is a "Watch me Grow" room, which allows parents opportunity for live streaming access.

Our Toddler room is an environment designed to allow independence and freedom as the child begins to develop more physically and learns to achieve more complex and challenging milestones, such as language, social skills, care of his self and the environment.

Montessori lessons such as sorting, matching, stacking, carrying and learning colors, observing shapes, responding to the teacher and discriminating between different tastes are the hallmark of this age. The toddler learns to develop preferences and choices. It is an important age for social development and the interaction with classmates is important. 

Toddlers get introduced to simple movements and stretching with kids yoga.

The sensitive period for self awareness and toileting begins at 18 months of age. Our teachers follow the development of each child and begin to follow their cues and introduce the concept of "sitting on the potty", "hand washing" in this room. 

The interaction between the toddler and adult starts becoming more meaningful as the child begins to make sensible communication.

Learning to respect ones space is introduced as the toddler learns to use a small rug or table to perform an activity. Care of the  environment is developed through activities such as cloth folding, wiping a table, or putting work away.

Meals are served  family style with real utensils and tableware and toddlers are encouraged to learn to feed themselves. They also learn to use open cups for drinking. 

Toddlers 16 months- 24 months

The toddler learns to control his body through lessons such as walking in a line, sitting in a circle, taking turns and following movement modeled by the teacher.

Participation in activities is encouraged and toddlers are expressive and enjoy completing tasks on their own.