Transition 2 years -3 years

A child of 2 years of age is able to communicate in complete sentences and can be very expressive. Very often referred to as "terrible twos". We believe that when the energy is effectively channelized and a clear direction is given, the child is able to put his expression into learning and creating.

Children in our transition room are more physically mature and independent, can feed themselves and carry out tasks such as identifying and putting personal belongings in the proper place. They follow simple ground rules and practice potty training procedures as they begin to learn to care for their own body.

The order in the environment is key to the learning process as the brain continues to absorb and develop. A chaotic, disorganized environment would disrupt this very process. Children find joy in the sense of order and routine. 

The environment and shelves are carefully planned and organized so materials are within reach. Montessori concepts of early reading, recognition of sounds and numbers are introduced. 

Practical life lessons in caring for the environment and simple day to day tasks such as setting the table, polishing an object keep children intently focused. The attention span and concentration building skills begin to emerge at this age. Allowing a child to simply play all day would mean losing out on important sensitive periods of sensorial development, toileting, grace and courtesy as well as language.